Why Men Need Watches

Despite the fact that we are all walking around wearing a cell phone, a man needs a good watch, regardless of the utility or function of it. While most people will have a smartphone readily available to tell the time, a watch has more utility than simply as a time piece. There are other considerations and good watches will provide immense benefits in a variety of different ways that can make or break a man.

A Good Watch as a Fashion Statement

A good watch will serve as a fashion statement and help a man to look more sophisticated and classy than he otherwise might appear. This is a good look for individuals who are looking to impress clients or women and can be a great way to be fashionable and manly simultaneously.


Smartwatches have gained in popularity and can be fashionable and useful. Smartphones sync with your smartphone and transfer data back and forth. They have cameras in them, can be used to surf the internet and clear messages, and can serve as a gps unit and fitness tracker as well as have other functionality. A smart watch can therefore be a great accessory for a man look good and to expand his wardrobe and have a useful tool.

Avoiding the Screentime We all spend too much time staring at our phones, computers, and television screens. Many people can’t resist the lure of a smartphone to simply check the tune and move on. A watch provides the opportunity to look at something other than your smart device. You check the time manually in a unit that allows you to avoid excess screen staring.

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